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US K-9 Academy has been called upon to assist police agencies throughout the world in canine selection and training of personnel.
We can travel to your agency and assist you in a start-up canine program or reevaluate and improve your existing program.

Some of the agencies that we have assisted:

DEA - Miami Field Division

DEA - Colombia

DEA - Paraguay

U.S. Customs -- Ecuador

Florida Army National Guard, Counter-Drug Program

Miami Dade County Police

City of Miami Police

Miami Beach Police Department

City of Pembroke Pines Police Department

City of North Miami Police

North Miami Beach Police - Vice Intelligence & Narcotics

Pompano Beach Police Department

Village of Indian Creek Police

North Bay Village Police

City of Miami Springs Police

Florida International University Police

Glynn County Police

Camden County Police

Ecuadorian National Police

Arkansas State Police

Newport School District Police

Jackson County Sheriffs Office

Tuckerman Police

Walnut Ridge Police

Puerto Rico Police Department

The following agencies in Venezuela:

Policía Estado Miranda

Policía San Francisco

Policía Hatillo

Policía Maracaibo

Policía Barruta

Policía Chacao

Policía Metropolitana

Policía Sucre

Policía Aragua

Venezuela Navy

Venezuela National Guard

Satisfied Private Customers:

Arrow Air Cargo

Lan Chile Airlines

Florida West Airlines

Cielos Airlines

Atlas Airlines

Polar Airlines

Challenge/UPS Airlines

Wackenhut Corporation

Sara Lee Apparel

United Transport

Coca Cola

Holland & Knight

Krull & Associates


K9 Training Miami


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Dog Obediance Training Fort Lauderdale | K9 Dog Training Fort Lauderdale | K9 Obedience Training Fort Lauderdale

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Dog Obediance Training Fort Lauderdale | K9 Dog Training Fort Lauderdale | K9 Obedience Training Fort Lauderdale | United States K-9 Academy

Dog Obediance Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Dog Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Obedience Training Fort Lauderdale

United States K-9 Academy

Dog Obediance Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Dog Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Obedience Training Fort Lauderdale

United States K-9 Academy

Dog Obediance Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Dog Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Obedience Training Fort Lauderdale

United States K-9 Academy

Dog Obediance Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Dog Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Obedience Training Fort Lauderdale

United States K-9 Academy

Dog Obediance Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Dog Training Fort Lauderdale

K9 Obedience Training Fort Lauderdale

United States K-9 Academy

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Police dogs
The US K-9 academy is renowned world wide for its quality police dog training instructors and programs alike. With the finest and most professional instructors available anywhere in the world, the USK9 academy provides a challenging opportunity for police dog teams at any level of expertise. The Police K9 training Management program is breaking new ground and introducing new concepts in how police dogs are deployed in law enforcement. Our goal is to make K9 work in policing professional in such a manner that each of our jobs is safer through sound tactical dog training, and to bring all officers and administrators involved in K9 training work closer together to strengthen police dog training and deployment ethics and standards. Look for our upcoming courses for a program near you. For private group or specialized police or military oriented K9 courses and seminars. To learn more about police dogs click here
Thank you for your interest in US K-9 TRAINING. US k-9 has been in operation for a few years.  We provide excellence in police k-9 training, police dog sales and seminars.  US k-9 training uses ground breaking techniques and concepts in how dogs are deployed in law enforcement. Our goal is to make k-9 work in law enforcement both professional and safe for each k-9 team, through sound k-9 tactical training. We seek to bring all officers and administrators involved in k-9 work closer together to heighten k-9 work ethics and standards.
We work with many different federal agencies and law enforcement departments. If you are an agency setting up a new canine program or seeking  to add k-9 units to your existing program, US K-9 offers hand selected police dog candidates. We train in today’s top methods to ensure your agency only the finest work dogs available.  Our agency offers police k-9 training nationwide. Our training covers areas such as patrol, narcotics detection, explosives detection and arson detection, all based on a National Certification standard of your departments choosing (NAPWDA, AWDA or USPCA ect).  We recognize that your k-9 unit is important to you and therefore  offer a 100%  satisfaction policy. US K-9 academy is conveniently located. To learn more about police dogs click here

K9 training
As a K9 handler you are asked to step up when things heat up. Today’s K9 officer must be well educated and savvy; they face great demands to be skilled and tactically sound. At US K9 academy  we do not insult your intelligence, we ask you to put it to work. Small classes, hand selected dogs, and excellent instructors challenge you to the best of your abilities, both physically and mentally. Learning to be a top K9 officer involves using your mind to understand your dog, and the scenarios you will find yourself in on the street.
The days of old school training are over; the days of high tech training and tactical scenario based training are at hand. Technical, tactical training is the edge you get at US K9. At US K9 Academy you receive extensive in the field real-time scenario-based training. To learn more about K9 training click here
Canine training
From time to time the  Canine Association will have articles detailing training tips for you and your dog.  This is an article on basic obedience, teaching the dog to heel and sit at heel.  We hope this will help you get started and enjoy the time with your family member.
Many times police canine handlers hear, “Man, I wish my dog would do that” or “Hey, would you take my dog and teach him something”?  I know people laugh and joke about how well police canines mind their handlers, but the bottom line is the only difference between a police canine and the average family canine in the area of obedience is the amount of time officers spend with their canines. To learn more about Canine training click here
Obedience is the basic fundamental behavior all police canines must have.  Without obedience they won’t be able to do area searches, building searches, quite simply they will not work.  If the handler does not have control over the canine he/she is useless.  Police canine handlers put many hours of obedience training in with their canines before they get certified to work the streets.  Teaching a canine obedience is done in a series of steps.  The first step is the handler must be willing to take time everyday or at least every other day to work with their canine in obedience.  Handlers must be consistent in the behaviors they are trying to teach the canine and the way they are teaching the canine.
There are a couple of terms used in training canines such as signal, pressure praise or compulsion and avoidance. I’m sure there are more; however, they pretty much have the same meaning.  Canines will automatically migrate to positive re-enforcement and avoid negative pressure.  How this translates to teaching a canine obedience is when you are attempting to teach a canine a behavior you have to be patient, precise, consistent and intelligent in what you are attempting to accomplish. When you tell your canine to heel that is a signal.  When the canine does not start walking at the heel you give a leash correction that is compulsion.  Whenever you give a correction and the canine completes the behavior you are looking for you need to give praise.  Most canines will try to avoid compulsion and if they understand what you are asking them to do they will eagerly and willingly do it. To learn more about Canine training click here

Dogs For Sale
Browse hundreds of dogs for sale! Finding a puppy for your family has never been easier. Browse our dogs for sale classifieds below. If you do not find the dog for sale you are looking for then place a dog wanted ad so dog breeders may contact you when a certain dog breed becomes available. Feature your puppies for sale ad today and have your ad listed below. Browse hundreds of pages of puppies for sale by clicking on the page numbers. If you have not yet decided upon a particular dog breed then please view our Dog Breeds section. Using it will enable you to sort through a range of dog breeds which best matches your criteria. If you do not find the dog for sale that you are looking for then place your request within our dogs wanted section. To learn more about Dogs for sale click here

Dog trainers
The US k9 academy offers individual pet dog trainers a respected and concerted voice in the dog world. We continue to promote professional dog trainers to the veterinary profession and to increase public awareness of dog friendly training techniques. To learn more about Dog training  or Dog trainers click

Guard dog training
What defines a pet beagle from a smelly dog in the alley is how it acts around people. Dogs without training, mostly street dogs are very elusive. Sometimes they can be very aggressive for no reason.
A protection dog is good to have around. Many people often confuse a protection dog and a guard dog as one and the same, but really they are two very different things.
During a break in, you'd want your dog, a guard dog, to be anything but silent or obedient. This is why you adopted the dog in the first place: to watch over the house at night or during the times when you're off on a vacation or a trip. Simply put, you need the right guard dog training, if you want to be able to count on your guard dog to do its job.
It's true when they say that not all dogs can be made into guard dogs. Sure, dogs are known for their steadfast loyalty to their owners, which is why people call them man's best friend, but there's no denying some dog breeds are better at being guard dogs than others. To learn more about guard dogs click here

US K9 Academy comprehensive ENERGY CENTERED TRAINING dog trainer curriculum only certifies those dog trainers that have successfully passed my rigorous 3-year, experience- based dog training course. Although my dog trainer program is the most complete, hands-on, and effective dog training program on the market, I often advise my students to not even mention their certification. I tell them to "simply show skillful knowledge” and demonstrate how they can help the dog and client relationship flourish. So, if a prospective dog trainer boasts about his/her certification as a dog trainer, there needs to be a few more questions asked. 
Clients should be sure to call or visit those references and perform a basic online search of this person and their company by simply typing their name and company name into Google or other popular search engines. Furthermore, owners should pay close attention to the interaction between the dog trainer and the dog - this will tell an owner a lot. If the dog trainer uses clickers, gentle leaders, retractable leads, or treats to train, they are likely NOT an authentic and experienced dog trainer - just one that has read books, seen videos, or taken online courses. For more information contact the US K9 Academy. To learn more about dog training click here

Trained Canines
US K9 Academy Trains Police Dogs For: Narcotics Detection, Security Patrol, Explosives Detection, Arson Investigation and Personal Protection. We train dogs for law enforcement agencies, corporate security, interdiction enterprises and the private sector. To learn more about Trained Canines click here

Dog Handler Courses
For police officers, we also offer a US K9 police dog handler program for law enforcement personnel. We train you in the proper handling and how to work effectively with your dogs. Our training programs are customized for each department's needs. US K9 Academy Handler Training is unrivaled in the industry as one of the most detailed and comprehensive Canine (Dog) Handler Training Schools in the USA. To learn more about Dog Handler courses click here

Dog Trainer Courses
We offer an individual K9 Trainers Program. This state-of-the-art Training will be supervised by canine consultant who is currently a consultant for various Government Agencies & Police Departments Nationwide. This Program of Instruction will be covered in the Classroom as well as Practical Application in the field. The course will require 600 Hours being a 13 week program. To learn more about Dog Trainer courses click here